Polygonica has many applications, particularly in the fast-growing fields of additive manufacturing and 3D printing, where there is a requiremecreate watertight 3D models when handling defective models with vast numbers of polygons. Trusted by companies like Stratasys, 3D Systems, Renishaw, ANSYS, Alastri and Assemble Systems, Polygonica has been embedded into more than 30 application brands worldwide in a wide range of industries including 3D Printing, Mechanical CAD Design, CAE, CAM, Dental, Medical, Mining and AR/VR for large capital asset industries such as BIM, Offshore, Plant and Shipbuilding.


  • Improved mesh quality and simplification by reducing triangle count.

  • Point Cloud Processing functionality.

  • Unique Boolean engine creating a solid offset.

  • Unique algorithms for analysing polygon mesh.

  • Complex algorithms for analysing polygon mesh.

  • Fast and automatic repair of solid models

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