Sadly, we had to say goodbye to John Kite earlier this year. A few words from his workmates remembering John.

“When I got that horrible phone call and I heard that John had passed away on a skiing trip in Italy, I didn’t think that John might have been ill. I just assumed that his last moments had involved something along the lines of very high speed and very hard rocks. And that sort of says how I’ll remember John. Up for anything and never doing anything by halves.”  

Bill, worked with John for 26 years


“John was a true ambassador of MachineWorks. With his unique combination of professionalism and personality, John not only could win business but also could win people’s hearts.” 

Lin, worked with John for 24 years

“MachineWorks was my first graduate job and I was eager to come on nights out to make friends. I do remember his hospitality and his kindness in making me welcome. My other main memory is of badminton. His exuberance was legendary – no shot was ever so far away that he’d not go for it even if it risked breaking his neck to do so. But the main thing was the generosity with which he approached it. Few would have been so patient! And that was John’s approach to everything.  Always happy to help if he could. Always there for a chat if you felt bored or down. And always genuinely interested in what you had to say about any topic under the sun. The more random, the better! Rest in peace John. We’ll miss you.” 

Kate, worked with John for 18 years


“The one thing I always took from John was just a sense of joy and wonderment in all things. I started working with him as a student and that transitioned into full time work and he always made things enjoyable and was willing to help when I or anyone needed it.  It’s so sad to have to say goodbye John, but thank you for everything you will be sorely missed.” 

Ellis, worked with John for 6 years

“It is hard to sum up all that John was to everyone around him. His patience was legendary. When you asked him a question, no matter how trivial, he would take all the time in the world to explain. Never a dull moment around him, he definitely thought outside the box, I call it his eccentric brilliance. John had a gift to see the world in a different light. John was up for most things and would get so excited and enthusiastic about new things, he was intrinsically inquisitive and would not rest (or let anybody rest) until he got all the answers! Family was priority number one and the rest of his life would adjust accordingly.  To me, John was a kind soul with a golden heart who would go out of his way to help. Work won’t be the same without John.”  

Cristina, worked with John for 16 years


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