The MachineWorks’ new C# interface makes using the MachineWorks API from a .NET environment quick and easy.

MachineWorks Logo for the .NET wrapper

The core MachineWorks library is a software component with an API in the C programming language, which can be integrated with many different styles of application on many different systems. However C is nearly fifty years old and most of MachineWorks’ customers’ applications are written in newer languages with an interface or ‘wrapper’ connecting the application and the MachineWorks API. In some circumstances this interface is not straightforward to implement and can itself be a source of bugs and performance degradation.

For this reason a brand new C# interface has been developed to make it easy and quick to start using the MachineWorks API from a .NET environment.

Whilst the MachineWorks’ C API is object-oriented and polymorphic the new C# wrapper makes relationships between objects more explicit with stronger type checking and better support for intelligent code completion.

The new wrapper has several other benefits including allowing MachineWorks APIs and structures to be used in a way that is more natural from managed code and helping application developers avoid pitfalls that could significantly impact an application’s performance.

The MachineWorks .NET wrapper is now a fully documented and supported part of the MachineWorks’ software suite. The functionally complete wrapper is generated and updated automatically whenever the MachineWorks API is updated. New tools developed by the MachineWorks QA team allow MachineWorks’ existing rich and comprehensive script-based regression tests to be also run through the .NET wrapper interface.

The new wrapper will be officially released in the MachineWorks 8.3 release targeted for early 2021.

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