Brand new features and significant updates to the software architecture of the MachineWorks 8.x series

Alongside significant updates to the software architecture the MachineWorks 8.x series of releases has introduced a number of useful new features including

  • Feature recognition,
  • Parasolid Bridge,
  • Offsetting to filter noise from design part comparison,
  • Bookmarking and what-if analysis using Snapshots,
  • 3D recording and playback,
  • Browser-based simulation supporting cloud and on-premise deployment with the new client-server module.

A series of product update videos has been released covering some of this new functionality and can be viewed on the MachineWorks’ YouTube site.


MachineWorks 3D Recordings and cloud architecture

The MachineWorks client/server libraries are designed to allow client-based deployment and run simulations in a web browser using web GL.

Watch Demo


MachineWorks mesh offsetting for noise reduction

In this demo, MachineWorks uses Polygonica's offsetting functionality to reduce noise in solids and to help analyze gouges and rest material, producing a cleaner results when creating solids.

Watch Demo


MachineWorks in-process stock snapshots

MachineWorks’ snapshots feature is a convenient way to store the current state of the in-process stock within a machining session.

Watch Demo

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