MachineWorks Ltd. is pleased to announce the availability of Polygonica 3.2.

Polygonica is a component software library for working with polygon meshes that helps companies in a range of industrial markets solve complex 2D and 3D geometrical problems.

The main functions of Polygonica include healing, Booleans, offsetting, remeshing, simplification, shrinkwrap, surface and feature detection and point-cloud manipulation and meshing

Polygonica 3.2 includes new smooth mesh morphing functionality based on control points and regions. The image shows a vector field representing deformation compensation for additive manufacturing, automatically generated by Polygonica 3.2 from comparison of the printed part with the design part. Deformation magnitudes are amplified for rendering.

Headline improvements in Polygonica 3.2 include:

  • Mesh deformation for AM compensation:
    • General smooth mesh morphing operations.
    • Computation of accurate deformation fields between two meshes
    • Application can define deformation from CAE simulation or scanned part
  • Mesh registration:
    • Accurately register two meshes from different coordinate spaces
    • Refine registration based on application defined regions
    • Register scanned mesh with CAD part.
  • 3D Medial Axis:
    • Compute the medial axis of a solid as a set of points and corresponding radii
  • Remeshing enhancements:
    • Keep exact shape of original model.
    • Adapt triangle edge lengths to small features on the mesh.
    • Specify vertices to preserve during remeshing.
    • Specify minimum edge lengths during curvature-sensitive remeshing.
  • Extensions to offsetting to allow deeper analysis of the offset result:
    • Create a new offset with faces, edges and vertices mapped from the original
    • Report significant intersection edges between the resulting offset faces that were part of different surfaces on the original solid.
  • Hatch and infill extensions:
    • A new dilation operation has been added to offset open, self-intersecting polylines that do not represent closed regions.

For more detailed information, please refer to the blog Polygonica 3.2 New Features.

Managing Director of MachineWorks Ltd, Dr Fenqiang Lin, stated “Much of the headline functionality in Polygonica 3.2 is based on direct requests from customers in the AM, CAE and CAM fields. We are really pleased with what the product team has been able to deliver during this release cycle, which continues to advance Polygonica’s technology while helping to solve some of the most challenging geometric problems our customers are facing today.”

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