Sheffield, United Kingdom, 1st October 2021 – MachineWorks Ltd, the provider of the MachineWorks SDK for CNC simulation and verification and the Polygonica SDK for polygon-mesh modelling has appointed two new Consulting Engineers to the Sales and Marketing Team.

After an understandable lull in early 2020, fifteen new software OEMs have licensed the MachineWorks or Polygonica SDKs to integrate into their products in the last fifteen months. This follows a similarly strong year in 2019 in which ten new companies licensed one or both of the products.

Paul has a first class degree in Mathematics and Physics from Warwick University and recently completed his PhD in Mathematical Physics at Nottingham University.

Richard has degrees in Cognitive Science from Sheffield University and in Visual Communication from Derby University. He has a long and varied career writing complex software to simulate everything from gear box CAE and pharmokinetics to interstellar battles and world championship poker strategies.

These two latest additions will strengthen MachineWorks’ capacity to support a growing number of new evaluations and integrations and to proactively develop and deliver market-specific proof-of-concepts, example reference implementations, and more developer-relevant technical marketing communications.

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