MachineWorks Ltd will be demonstrating their simulation software running on a remote server and displayed on multiple mobile devices during the 6-day International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) held in Chicago at McCormick Center, from the 10th to 15th of September.

You will find MachineWorks on booth 133327, located in the East Building, Level 3 under the Controls & CAD-CAM section, with the best view over Lake Michigan.

MachineWorks cloud-enabled simulation allows mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access simulations being run on remote servers and to render them in real-time even on devices with low-end processors.  New surface and feature detection functionality allows applications to analyse cut surfaces and easily identify holes, drilled holes, pockets, open pockets, slots and islands. MachineWorks can help developers to improve their own feature-recognition algorithms for machining and rest-machining, allowing CAD/CAM manufacturers to provide faster and easier-to-use functionality.

IMTS visitors can explore MachineWorks’ latest features such as sheet metal bending simulation and collision checking, optimised collision detection for concave machined parts, the ability to take ‘snapshots’ of a solid during simulation and 3D simulation recording.

What else will be on show? A FIDIA controller using MachineWorks simulation and collision avoidance software libraries will be on display during IMTS.  MachineWorks customers who have created collision avoidance systems generally use “look ahead” functions to prevent any potential machine crashes. When a clash between parts in the machine envelope is detected, controllers stop the machine to avoid the damage.

Visitors looking for polygon mesh processing functionality can take a look at Polygonica, the solid modelling toolkit from MachineWorks, also on display at booth 133327.  Polygonica provides CAD/CAM/CAE applications with polygon mesh processing functionality including healing, offsetting, point cloud processing, remeshing, simplification and Boolean operations. Leading suppliers in the additive industry integrate Polygonica to access tools for 3D printing file preparation and STL file manipulation.

Over the last few months the MachineWorks team has seen a significant expansion of the technical team including additions to the development, the customer support and the QA team. MachineWorks is still recruiting. If you have a technical background in Maths, Engineering, Science or Computing and would like to join the MachineWorks team in Sheffield, be sure to call by their booth or get in touch.

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