CAD/CAM Manufacturers

MachineWorks has been developing and marketing component technology since 1994 and nowadays over 60% of the leading players in the CAM industry has allowed our dedicated team of developers to accumulate a world of experience and know-how in all machining scenarios.

MachineWorks functionality gives CAM software manufacturers the ability to simulate and verify their toolpaths. Our true-solid engine allows collisions to be detected and simulated with high quality animations that are built on OpenGL or DirectX graphics.

For complex machining, MachineWorks' kinematics allow full machine simulation to ensure that all clashes and gouges are detected anywhere in the machining environment.

Bill Genc, Technical Director at Missler Software

We’re very happy with the MachineWorks software toolkit because of its ability to support multi-core processors, it is a driving force within the TopSolid product line. For more than a decade, we’ve been working alongside the MachineWorks team, they have been helping us to enhance our products over the years and we expect a long future relationship.

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CNC Control

CNC Control Manufacturers

The increasing power of CNC controllers creates opportunities for machining hardware manufacturers to add value to their products by using real-time simulation. MachineWorks software provides the necessary memory optimisation to achieve true real-time performance.

The demand for simulation and verification of programs created on conversational controllers derives from the increasing complexity of machines. By having MachineWorks simulation integrated with the controller, operators on the shop floor are reassured that their programming is error-free and collision avoidance before running the machine.

MachineWorks has been integrated into more sophisticated CNC controllers allowing the ultimate in safety and control: a built-in intelligence system that will not allow the machine to crash, an anti-crash system. The toolpath is monitored live. The software will "look ahead" of the toolpath and if it detects an imminent crash it will stop the machine and give a warning.

CNC machine and controller manufacturer FIDIA, has embedded MachineWorks' libraries in Vi-Mill to create an anti-crash system with a look-ahead function. It allows a visual check of any possible collisions between tool, machine and stock in both manual and automatic modes of operation.

FIDIA has got a tight collaboration with the MachineWorks team. MachineWorks' powerful engine help support the operator of the machine tool to avoid and prevent collisions on the machine itself.

Machine Tool

Machine Tool Manufacturers

Machining operations can be simulated in real-time on CNC controllers. Visibility inside a machine is often obscured by coolant but MachineWorks’ simulation allows operators to monitor progress of the machining cycle with the added benefits of dynamic rotation and zooming.

MachineWorks has created handy development tools to help machine tool builders to achieve easier and faster software integrations. The Machine Builder is a quick start-up tool that helps construct the kinematics tree structure representing a CNC machine, whereas the Machine Simulator provides a ready-to-use interface to help develop full machine simulation.

Thanks to the MachineWorks Machine Builder and Simulator, users can quickly develop their own application to sit either on a CNC controller, a standalone PC or a cloud-based server, and can easily create a prototype in as little as one day.

GOODWAY, Taiwanese machine tool manufacturer of multi-tasking machines uses MachineWorks full machine simulation and collision checking on their G-Linc 350 controllers.

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Post-Processing Manufacturers

Post-processor manufactures write the software responsible for translating neutral instructions from a CAM system such as CLDATA or APT Language into the specific instructions required by the NC machine in G-CODE.

MachineWorks provides software for post-processor manufacturers wanting to simulate post-processed code that will run on the machine.


Andy Brewster, VP of Sales for IMS Software.

IMS Software use most of MachineWorks features; material removal, design part comparison and machine simulation for collision detection and interference checking. As important as benefiting from this ever evolving technology is the fact that MachineWorks understands their requirements and offers unparalleled customer support.

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3D Printing

3D Printing

MachineWorks software includes additive APIs providing functionality for accurately simulating additive manufacturing processes such as Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) or Laser Sintering checking for collisions in the full machine environment amongst all the parts involved.

MachineWorks software offers analysis of the finished part and a quality check of both processes. It can also offered the pre-printing preparation of the 3D model and manipulation, it will ensure watertight STL files with no holes, self-intersecting triangles or noise.


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