MachineWorks New Software Release is Out

Posted by Cristina Sesma | Jan 17, 2018

MachineWorks New Software Release is Out
SHEFFIELD, United Kingdom, Jan 17, 2018 – Leading provider of CNC Simulation and Verification Software, MachineWorks Ltd, will be unleashing its latest software release, MachineWorks v8.0, to customers across the world. The newly developed version rests on three principles; making the customer’s life easier by delivering simpler-to-use tools, overcoming geometrical challenges that will open new opportunities for the user and achieving better performance that will save time and money.


Ease of Use

Version 8.0 will deliver users a much simpler integration experience by simplifying the work required to embed MachineWorks and by reducing the number of libraries needed for given functions.

Switching between CAD and polygonal data can be frustrating and time consuming so MachineWorks has also added new modelling functionality that will give the customers’ journey a smoother ride by providing surface and feature detection capabilities.

Simulation ‘snapshots’ is a valuable new feature that obtains ‘stills’ of a moment in time during the simulation to which, the user can come back at will. It becomes an incredibly useful ‘undo’ button to instantly edit a toolpath.

New opportunities

MachineWorks is now providing simulation for sheet metal bending including highly optimised collision checking and customised performance for this type of manufacturing.

The new cloud simulation functionality supports rendering of simulation in real-time even on slow network connections between client & server due to MachineWorks’ improved implementation, compression and communication tools.  

There is a new API for better support of 3D tools.  MachineWorks v8.0 optimises the representation of milling tools and defines complete tool assemblies such as compound tools with all the individual solids involved.

A 3D recording of a simulation can be obtained in order to create movie files within MachineWorks v8.0.  The recording contains information to provide customisation options on the production of a movie. This new function creates new possibilities not just for marketing but for actual manufacturing as recordings can show abnormalities otherwise undetected.

Improved Performance

MachineWorks’ latest release efficiently and automatically overcomes problematic simulation and collision detection of highly complex objects, significantly improving the performance and optimising crash avoidance functions.

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