Software Developer

An excellent opportunity has arisen for a top-flight software engineer to join a team of CNC simulation and solid modelling software engineers based in Sheffield.

MachineWorks Software Development Toolkit is the industry standard for CNC simulation and verification.  Our software simulates any type of CNC machining and checks for clashes and gouges in the full machining environment.  MachineWorks technology is integrated into developers' applications to provide a wide range of simulation and clash detection solutions. Typically our customers range from CAM to Machine Tool Manufacturers.  Our unique suite of geometric engines is the fastest, most accurate and most stable available in the market and delivers unparalleled simulation and analysis.  

Polygonica is a solid modelling software toolkit for processing polygon meshes. Built on MachineWorks' core engines, Polygonica's unique polygonal modelling technology takes advantage of 20 years of development providing automatic, fast and robust Boolean operations. Other algorithms in Polygonica allow solid healing, simplification, slicing, sectioning and spun profile calculation. Polygonica has a wide range of applications such as CFD/FEA meshing, CAD/CAM/CAE, additive manufacturing where there is a requirement to repair defective models with vast numbers of polygons, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, 3D movies and gaming, geo-exploring, urban modelling and other 3D digital applications.


The position will involve developing and maintaining:

  • End-user GUIs and reusable supporting libraries for demonstration and QA purposes.
  • The Polygonica Software Development Toolkit for polygonal solid modelling and healing.
  • The MachineWorks Software Development Toolkit, which is the industry standard for simulation, verification and analysis of CNC machining.

Development activity will involve algorithm design, implementation for geometric modelling, computer graphics and user interface programming for both desktop and cloud.


The successful candidate will take an active role in all of the following:

  • Further development of Polygonica and MachineWorks core technology
  • Development of higher-level APIs (including GUIs) for specific applications and demonstrations
  • Maintenance of the existing products
  • Working closely with the Support team to maintain our excellent record of responsive customer support
  • Occasional visits to customers and industrial shows


The following are essential skills for successful candidates for this:

  • 2:1 or higher in maths, computer science, science or engineering degrees
  • The strongest possible mathematical skills (including geometry)
  • C/C++ skills and experience
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work within a team

The following are highly desirable:

  • A postgraduate qualification (science, maths or engineering)
  • Experience and understanding of geometric modelling and 3D computer graphics
  • Experience of CAD/CAM software development
  • Experience of C#, Windows Forms, WPF, MFC, and Qt GUI development


  • Salary in the region of £25,000 - £35,000 p.a. depending on skills and experience
  • 8% Employer Pension Contribution
  • A flexible and friendly working environment in the Sheffield suburbs with free parking
  • All the tea and coffee you can drink!

Please submit a CV with a covering letter which outlines your suitability for, and interest in this role to the form on our Careers Page. Applicants must be entitled under current work permit regulations, to work for organisations in the EU

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Software Developer