Collision Detection Explained

John Kite, Technical Consultant at MachineWorks explains how MachineWorks collision detection works. MachineWorks Software sweeps the entire envelope of motion and overcomes the limitations of time-based sampling while maintaining performance and stability.

Additive & Subtractive Manufacturing

MachineWorks can simulate hybrid machines. The following demo shows the material being added by the Additive Manufacturing process of Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) and the material being removed by a Subtractive Manufacturing process of Milling, all operated from the same machine.

MachineWorks Verification and Crash Avoidance

MachineWorks Verification Software detects clashes and near clashes improving operator safety, preventing dangerous collisions, expensive machine down-time, wasted valuable materials and tool damage.  MachineWorks family of geometric engines provide incredibly fast and accurate analysis to help you detect collisions and gouges.

MachineWorks Machine Simulator using Kinematics

MachineWorks can accurately model the kinematics of arbitrarily complex machine tools and display full machine simulation with an unlimited number of axes of motion. Motions of axes are combined to calculate the exact motions of each solid in a simulation, and their motions with respect to each other.

MachineWorks Full Machine Simulation

MachineWorks CNC Simulator, 5 Axis simulation of the UK flag. MachineWorks is the most advanced modelling technology available in the market and supports all types of CNC machining processes with any shape of tool and holder. This video shows the tool machining and the material being removed as it cuts through.

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