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FANUC Luxembourg Corporation (FLC), a global leader in factory automation and MachineWorks, a world-leading supplier of CNC simulation solutions have a formed a tight collaboration to offer FANUC customers - machine tool manufacturers and end-users - advanced simulation and interference checking.

FLC and MachineWorks are working together to integrate MachineWorks simulation and collision checking functions with FANUC's FOCAS2 software in order to provide FANUC users with simulation of material removal and anti-crash capabilities. This functionality detects programming errors, prevents expensive mistakes and saves time and money.

MachineWorks is seeing more complicated parts being manufactured on more complex machines using more complex machining processes. Smart systems which automatically detect and prevent clashes are becoming the norm. High quality graphics are also expected so end-users can monitor their machining processes in real time.

"MachineWorks' history as a supplier of simulation and clash detection to CNC controller manufacturers made them the only credible option for this partnership. Their ability to provide NC simulation and verification of clashes between the tool, the stock and the machine has been proven repeatedly. Working with MachineWorks has given FANUC access to years of experience and know-how in 3D graphics and collision detection" says Uwe Warnatz, Manager Product Support at FLC.

"We are delighted that the world leader in automation has chosen MachineWorks Technology to bring FANUC users a new experience in simulation and crash prevention", says Mike Nicholson, Sales Director of MachineWorks.

The successful outcome of this collaboration was first shown at METAV 2012 and will be on display at AMB 2012 in Stuttgart and at BI-MU 2012 in Milan.


FANUC Corporation, headquartered at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Japan, is the most diversified manufacturer of FA (Factory Automation), robots and Robomachines in the world. Since its inception in 1956, FANUC has contributed to the automation of machine tools as a pioneer in the development of computer numerical control equipment. FANUC technology has contributed to a worldwide manufacturing revolution, which evolved from the automation of a single machine to the automation of entire production lines. FANUC is committed to developing efficient, reliable and innovative products.

 About FANUC Luxembourg Corporation

The FANUC Luxembourg Corporation (FLC), Echternach/Luxemburg, has functioned as a European holding company since 2011. It covers all of FANUC's European activities.

The three divisions FA (factory automation), Robotics and Robomachine, are managed from Luxembourg as European wide corporate divisions. Overall, FANUC is represented in 14 European countries. The FA division includes activities in the area of factory automation, CNC and drives. Robotics is responsible for providing industrial robots. The Robomachine division includes milling machines, electric-powered injection-molding presses, and wire-erosion machinery.

The structure of FLC conforms to the company's objective of establishing a strong European wide presence and, at the same time, allows the company to be very agile at the regional level. The proven customer-driven structures in the individual countries are to remain intact. FANUC generates consolidated European-wide sales of 600 million Euros with nearly 800 employees.

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